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PGMG polyhexamethylene Guanidine

PGMG-HC Polygeksamethylenguanidin Hydrochloride is used in almost all areas of industry and economy for disinfection


Disinfectants based on PGMG-HC will reliably protect you against viruses and various microorganisms in everyday life


The range of hardeners from “Alterhim-Pro” Ltd is used for curing epoxy and epoxy polyurethane coatings, as well as, for obtaining various chemical products.


Construction biocides from “Alterhim-Pro” Ltd are capable of suppressing vital processes and destroying various types of microorganisms, both inside the structure of the material and outside.

raw materials

Additional chemical raw materials from “Alterhim-Pro” Ltd are used for manufacturing of various types of products.

Литьевые пластиковые компаунды

Для отлива технических изделий и различных форм, в том числе в мебельном декоре, машиностроении, при создании макетов и прочих разноотрослевых предметов.