IN CONSTRUCTION (Fire Protection. Paintwork)

PGMG-hydrochloride prevents the development of microorganisms in paint materials intended for painting various surfaces (wood, concrete, brick, etc.), showing high efficiency against biocenoses such as bacteria, fungi, spore-forming and others.

Waste products of microorganisms often have a destructive effect on metals and other materials, forming bio corrosion. In this regard, the issue of combating microorganisms becomes one of the most important when solving the problem of saving raw materials.

PGMG-hydrochloride-a unique biocide with long-term activity and high performance in the fight against biocorrosion!

  • it remains its biocidal properties and performance over a wide temperature range (from negative to +120° C) and PH values
  • it does not decompose and can be used in almost any climate and weather conditions
  • keep the effect from 3 to 8 months (depending on the materials on which they are applied, and environmental conditions)
  • it is not an oxidizer and do not harm metals, do not cause corrosion
  • with high chemical stability and do not react with other chemicals
  • fire and explosion proof
  • create a polymer film that does not allow bacterias to develop
  • safe for the environment

Продукт на основе ПГМГ-гидрохлорида добавляют в качестве присадки в в лакокрасочные материалы, что способствует уничтожению скоплений бактерий, находящихся в ЛКМ, а, следовательно, устраняет причину развития биокоррозии.

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