Packing: 200ml, 5l, 10l

Diethylene glycol polyurethane (DGU 70%)
TU 113-38-115-91

Diethylene glycoluretan (DGU 70%) is a hardener for epoxy coatings, as well as for epoxy polyurethane paint materials. As a rule, it is used for ur-231 and other lacquers and is included in two-component systems consisting of varnish and hardener. According to the physical and chemical properties of DSU, 70% is an oily viscous liquid with a yellowish tint (or colorless), in some cases a pink or light brown tint is possible.

The guaranteed storage period of 70% DSU is 6 months from the date of production. However, if the storage conditions are met and the technical conditions are met, if 70% of the DSU was found to be suitable for analysis before use, the product can be used for its intended purpose.



DSU 70% is stored in closed unheated warehouses in dry places. It is possible to transport 70% of diesel fuel by both road and railway transport in accordance with the rules of transportation.

We suggest that you pay attention to such raw materials for paint coatings as diethylene glycol Polyurethane (DGU 70%). This substance is produced in full compliance with current standards and is a high-quality component for paint materials.

The main place among the raw materials for coatings is occupied by film-forming substances. They provide the main qualities of the material: its strength, durability, and resistance to external influences. Various resins (alkyd, acrylate, epoxy, etc.) and water dispersions of polymers (acrylic, polyurethane) are most often used as film-forming agents.

Mass fraction of the isocyanate number, expressed as a percentage of toluylediisocyanate, within the norma. Viscosity of the solution in cyclo-hexanone, with a mass fraction of 50% at 20°C, within norma.

Technical parameters
Name of indicators Requirements TP
Массовая доля изоционат- ного числа, выраженная в процентах толуиледиизоцианата, в пределах 24-28
Вязкость раствора в цикло- гексаноне, с массовой долей 50% при 20°С, в пределах 15-20
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